The following resources were submitted by our conference panelists and keynote speaker, relating to their presentations at the 29th annual Animal Law Conference. The materials, although not necessarily written by the individual presenters, are relevant to their presentation topics and are applicable to attorneys seeking CLE credits for attending the conference or watching the videos on-demand. This resources on this page can also be accessed via the virtual event platform.

What Animals Teach Us About Themselves

Reforming the Common Law Foundations of Our Relationship with Animals

Factory Farming & The Fragility of Our Food System

Keynote Presentation: Animal Thought, Emotion, and Culture

Litigating for Change: Challenges, Opportunities, and Victories

From the U.S. to Australia: Animal Protection Legislation Across the World

Implementing a One Health Approach to Protect Humans, Animals, and the Environment

Transforming the Lives of Animals by Building Stronger Communities

Representing Victim Voices: Courtroom Animal Advocate Programs

Preserving the Human-animal Bond and Preventing Neglect by Facilitating Access to Care

Legal Ethics and the Animal Lawyer

Empowering Global Ambassadors for Animals One LLM Degree at a Time

Investing in Change for Animals and The Climate

Challenging the Necessity of Animal Experimentation: Approaching a Turning Point

Bar None: The American Bar Association’s Role in Expanding Justice for Animals

Using Humane Education to Redefine Our Relationship with Animals