The conference presenters have submitted the following materials for attendees to reference. The materials, although not necessarily written by the individual speakers, are relevant to their presentation topics and will be applicable to attorneys seeking continuing legal education (CLE) credits for attending the virtual conference. Attendees will be able to access this page via their computer or the virtual event platform and a PDF of each presenter’s materials will also be available in the “handouts” section of the event platform sessions. PDFs of presenter PowerPoints will also be posted here after the event.

Animals in a Changing Climate: Science, Ethics, and Policy

Industrial Animal Agriculture, Environmental Justice, COVID-19, and Climate Change

General Panel Resources

Jessica Culpepper, Food Project Director, Public Justice

Kelsey Eberly, Animal Legal Defense Fund

Climate Anxiety and Compassion Fatigue

Litigating for Animals in a Climate Crisis

Our Relationship with Animals and the Rise of Zoonotic Diseases

A Conversation with Jonathan Safran Foer

Professional Responsibility in a Changing Environment

Russ Mead, Lewis & Clark Law School

Food Policy and Purchasing Innovations in a Climate Crisis

Legislative and Regulatory Updates

Tackling Other Causes of Our Changing Climate

Contingency Planning for Animals

Judicial Decision-making: Reaching Key Stakeholders in Animal Cruelty Cases