Animals, Law & Culture: Live from New York!

The Animal Law Conference is the central gathering point of the global animal law community. The Animal Law Conference gives attorneys, law students, professors, and activists from around the world a place to share ideas, knowledge, and practical skills about advancing the interests of animals through the legal system. Today, the conference has become one of the largest and most popular of its kind, featuring some of the most respected voices in the field of animal law.

Conference Helps Soldier Reunite with Military Dog

Many attendees were moved to tears at the 2016 Animal Law Conference when Sgt. Ryan Henderson (ret.) described the hopelessness and frustration he has felt as a veteran who was unjustly separated from his combat partner and military working dog, Satan. Luckily, attorney and former Animal Legal Defense Fund Board Member, Marilyn Forbes, was moved to action after meeting Ryan at the conference. Check out this news report about the painful path and the joyous reunion of this soldier and his best friend: Military Dog Reunited With Soldier 5 Years Later.