The following materials were submitted by our conference panelists. The materials, although not necessarily written by the individual panelists, are relevant to their panel topics. These are also the materials applicable to MCLE registrants.

Practicing Animal Law: Why Contracts, Wills and Business Law Matter to Animals

Global Animal Concerns

Who’s Case is it Anyway? Animals’ vs. Owners’ Interests in

Enforcement: Building a Case Against Cruelty

speakers_scott_heiserScott Heiser

  • Animal Legal Defense Fund. (2008, June). A quick overview for Oregon prosecutors: Animal abuse, neglect, hoarding and fighting. Portland, OR: Heiser, S. A. (Suggested reading; electronic copy not available).

Humane Science: Is the End of Animal Testing Within Reach?

The Ethical (Human) Animal

Wolf Reintroduction, Management and Protection

Shelter in the Storm

Taking Matters into our Own Hands: Private Prosecutions and the

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