Companion Animals and Housing Issues

Rebecca Huss

Valuing Service Animals

Adam Karp

The Role of Legislation

Nancy Perry

Kelly Peterson

False Advertisers v. Consumer Choice – A Case Study

Carter Dillard

Current Issues for Animals in Zoos and Circuses

Jonathan Lovvorn

Adam Roberts

Recovering Wolf Populations in the West

Nancy Weiss

Protection of Fundamental Interests: A New Tort for Nonhuman Animals

David Favre

Pet Trusts

J. Alan Jensen

The Animal Model in Drug Testing and Research: Involving Legal Professionals

Ray Greek

Building Coalitions with the Domestic Violence Community

Annemarie Lucas

Gail Lambert

Building Coalitions between Attorneys and Veterinarians

Chris Wencker

Adam Karp

Jennifer Conrad

Humane Education and Student Choice: A Legal Perspective

Marcia Kramer

Animal Law in Australia

Katrina Sharman

Animal Law in Southeast Asia

Mitsu Takahashi

Bushmeat Crisis in Africa

Doug Cress

Advancing Protections for Animals through the Common Law Howard Lichtig, Defending Activists

Scott Beckstead

Geordie Duckler

Seven Tools of the Persuasion Trade: Strategies All Activists Should Carry with Them

Courtney Dillard

Effective Strategies of Social Justice Movements

Sharon Methvin

Keynote Address

Special Investigator Annemarie Lucas, Animal Precinct

Presentation of the Nancy Perry Golden Cougar Award for Outstanding Achievement in Animal Advocacy in Oregon