The Impact of the Urban Setting on Wildlife

Wild animals were here before we moved in – but now we are neighbors. Can we all get along? This panel will look at the clashes between wild animals and the urban creatures (humans, pets, infastructure). The panelists will discuss animal control, urban planning, habitat encorachment and policy considerations for dealing with our wild neighbors.

Dr. John Hadidian Director, Humane Society of the United States

Kate Stenberg, Wildlife biologist and Progran Manager, Urban Wildlife Program, King County, WA

Nancy Perry, Director, Humane Soceity of the United States

Brooks Fahy, Executive Director, Predator Defense Instutute

Development and Preservation of Wildlife

This panel will address how developments can be regulated to minimize loss of habitats or species. Can residential development conceptually capitalize on animal supportive concepts as commercially viable? Can industrial and commercial development be a preferable land use for preservation or development of animal habitats? Which uses are most hostile to animals; most friendly? What tools are available to protect urban wildlife? Are zoning, planning and site approval regulations useful in preserving animal life or expanding it in development?

Sara Vickerman, Willamette Valley Livability Forum

Rick Bastasch, Wildlife biologist and Progran Manager, Urban Wildlife Program, King County, WA

Holly Michael, OR Dept. of Fish and Wildlife

Jennifer Budhabhatti, Metro

Animal Activism in the Urban Enviroment

This discussion will address who the players are in urban development? How can their thinking be effected, channeled? What legislation and funding mechanisms are available? Appropriate? Necessary? In the academic world, where can thinking and teaching on these issues best be reposed?

Craig Rosebraugh, Founder and Director, Liberation Collective

Pets in the Urban Environment

This panel will address changing attitudes and laws involving the ever-increasing companion animal populations in our cities. Panelists will discuss municipal spay-neuter laws, controlling feral animal population, the felony anti-cruelty statute in Oregon and advocacy for animals in the court system.

Kim Sturla, Fund for Animals

Sharon Harmon, Oregon Humane Society

Human use of Wildlife

What are the ethical concerns of recreational and economic use of wildlife? What effects does human use of wildlife have on the animals and the environment? Is there a place for captive wildlife and what roles should these facilities play in our communities?

Angel Gambino, Fund for Animals

Shauna Whidden, Oregon Trout

Dinner Reception Speakers

Ann Martin, Expert consultant on pet food and author, Food Pets Die For: Shocking Facts About Pet Food

Dr. Michael Fox, Veterinarian, vice president of The Humane Society of United States and author, The Bioethics of Food