Salmon and the Law: An Overview

Discussion of state wildlife agnecy’s implementation of Oregon wildlife laws and promulgation of wildlife management plans and policies.

Susan Foster, Oregon Fish & Wildlife Commission

Jim Greer, Oregon Department of Fish & Wildlife 

Chris Wheaton, Oregon Department of Fish & Wildlife

Ecosystem Approach to Wildlife Management

Scientific views pro and con on the viability of eco-system based wildlife management.

Deborah Brosnan, Lewis & Clark College 

David B. Marshall, Consulting Wildlife Biologist

The Endangered Species Act

History and overview of ESA; how it relates to wildlife management policies; proposed amendments; agency implementation.

Dan Rohlf, Natural Resources Law Insitute 

Brian Vincent, Forest Conservation Council 

Dan Stotter, Headwaters 

Moral and Social Implications of Wildlife Management Policies

Contemporary views of wildlife management: animal rights and animal protection.

Gary Francione, Rutgers University Law School

Robert Hillman, Animal Protection Institute 

Dave Siddon, Wildlife Images