Dr. Ramona Ilea is a professor of philosophy and chair of the Philosophy Department at Pacific University. She is also the chair of the Environmental Studies: Policy, Culture, and Society program. She is the recipient of the Pacific University’s President’s Award for Excellence in Undergraduate Teaching.

Dr. Ilea finished her Ph.D. at University of Minnesota in 2006 with a dissertation titled “Moral Philosophy and Social Change.” Since then, her work has been published in the Journal of Agricultural and Environmental Ethics, Encyclopedia of Law and Social Philosophy, Beyond the Species, the Journal of Social Philosophy, and Teaching Philosophy. She co-edited two books: Consequentialism and Environmental Ethics (with Avram Hiller and Leonard Kahn) and Experiential Learning in Philosophy (with Julinna Oxley). She is also the Editor of the journal Essays in Philosophy. Together with Susan Hawthorne and Monica Janzen, she is the founder and owner of Engaged Philosophy (http://www.engagedphilosophy.com/), a resource funded by a grant from the American Philosophical Association to help those interested in the intersection between civic engagement and philosophy.

Dr. Ramona Ilea has also presented at over 70 conferences. Her research interests include animal ethics, environmental ethics, civic engagement, biomedical ethics, activist ethics, and more generally the link between philosophy and social change.