Peter J Li, Ph.D. is associate professor at University of Houston-Downtown. He teaches international relations, Animal Rights & Politics and Chinese politics.

Dr. Li’s research focuses on China’s animal law and policies. His publications cover public policy subjects related to wildlife, companion animals, farm animals and other related issues. (For a selected number of his publications, please visit: ). His “Enforcing Wildlife Protection in China” is one of the most cited of his works. “Re-opening the Trade after SARS: China’s Wildlife Industry and the Fateful Policy Reversal” (Environmental Policy and Law, 50 (2020), pp. 251-267) is a most recent research paper on the role of the wildlife business interest in China’s wildlife policymaking.

Dr. Li appears in media interviews on behalf of the University of Houston system and Humane Society International (HSI). He writes in different media outlets. His opinion pieces in South China Morning Post are accessible at

Dr. Li’s book Animal Welfare in China: Culture, Politics and Crisis (University of Sidney Press, 2021) focuses on China’s contemporary politics and its impact on animal-related policymaking.