Natasha Dolezal, J.D., directs the International Animal Law program at the Center for Animal Law Studies (CALS). In this position, she is responsible for international efforts aimed at building capacity in animal law and animal law legal education. She speaks widely to international audiences about animal law legal education and animal law issues. Through the micro grant program, she develops and works to support country specific initiatives focussed on animal law legal education and animal welfare/protection issues in collaboration with international LL.M. graduates. Most recently, she organized the first conference on animal law, the Africa Animal Law Convention, held in Nairobi (September 2018) which featured presentations from African graduates of the LL.M. program and was attended by local law students, faculty, veterinarians, and advocates.

Ms. Dolezal previously was the director of the Animal Law LL.M. program and the Kenya Legal Project. She began her legal career in the Oregon legislature as a senator’s legislative assistant where she was instrumental in the passage of Oregon’s first law protecting farm animals, in addition to legislation recognizing the link between animal abuse and child abuse. She was also a deputy district attorney and prosecuted felony and misdemeanor crimes, including animal abuse cases.