Lee earned a JD from the University of Maryland at Baltimore and an undergraduate degree focused on language and linguistics from Northwestern University. Lee has taught animal law and immigration/refugee law and policy as a member of the adjunct faculty at Rutgers University (2001-2004) and has served the international animal-advocacy organization Friends of Animals full-time since 2002. Lee’s perspective on law, animal advocacy, and social movements has appeared through a variety of media including Legal Times; the Vermont Law Review; the UCLA Women’s Law Journal; the Encyclopedia of Activism and Social Justice (Sage Publications); Alternet; Dissident Voice; and Court TV. Lee’s Seton Hall Constitutional Law Journal article “From Property to Person: The Case of Evelyn Hart” (co-authored by Anthony Jon Waters, 2000) is presented in the style of a Supreme Court brief arguing for nonhuman personhood. Lee serves on the board of Primarily Primates sanctuary in San Antonio, Texas, and is also a board member of Compassion for Animals – Respect for the Environment (CARE) of the Delaware Valley. Lee has worked closely with the Environmental Law Clinic at Denver University on effective litigation involving antelope and tropical birds, and is currently working to set aside a deer-control plan in Valley Forge National Historical Park. Lee’s newest book is On Their Own Terms: Bringing Animal-Rights Philosophy Down to Earth (2010).