K-lynn Smith, PhD, MSc, BS, BA is a research fellow with the NHMRC Partnership Centre for Health System Sustainability in Sydney, Australia. Dr Smith began her career as an animal behaviourist working on communication and social behaviour in birds and mammals, such as chickens and elephants. Her research in chickens provided new insights into their cognitive and communicative capabilities. She and her colleague Professor Chris Evans received the 2010 Australian Museum Eureka Prize for Research that Contributes to the Protection of Animals for this work. Her research has been featured in over 100 media stories, three museum exhibits, and three documentaries/films.

Dr Smith is also the New South Wales Coordinator for Roots and Shoots with the Jane Goodall Institute Australia. Roots and Shoots is a youth-led organisation founded by Dame Jane Goodall in 1991 that works to improve the lives of animals, people, and the environment.