Janiec Gutierrez keeps internal operations running smoothly at the Animal Legal Defense Fund. She oversees the Project Management, Communications, Development, Finance, IT, and Operations departments. The Operations department is Janiec’s own creation and is now vital to managing the behind-the-scenes work of the organization. We have Janiec to thank for streamlining our IT infrastructure, which has improved company communications and increased what we can get done each day.

Prior to joining the Animal Legal Defense Fund, Janiec spent a decade in corporate data processing and systems administrations for a nonprofit hospital and two major financial institutions. She has been able to directly apply that experience to overhauling the Animal Legal Defense Fund’s donation processing database and improve reporting functionality.

Janiec has always had compassion and affinity for animals, but when she read Diet for a New America by John Robbins, it sparked a compelling desire to make a difference for animals, especially farmed animals. She joined the Animal Legal Defense Fund seeking to do the most good for the greatest number of animals and apply her individual strengths to make a big impact in the animal protection movement.

When Janiec isn’t in the office she’s probably relaxing with a good book, working on crafts, gaming or enjoying Sonoma County’s vibrant wine scene. No matter where she is, chances are Riley, her rescue dog and animal soulmate, is nearby. Riley had a tough life of starvation and abuse, and was scheduled to be euthanized the day he was rescued. With lots of love and nurturing, Janiec helps him overcome his fear of humans. Watching his personality bloom is Janiec’s greatest reward.