Janet MacGillivray is a social change community activist who founded Seeding Sovereignty at Standing Rock. Seeding Sovereignty amplifies the role of Indigenous knowledge and diversifies the environmental movement. At Seeding Sovereignty, Janet advocates for systematically oppressed communities and species to stop chronic environmental, cultural, racial and economic injustices and to support regenerative communityled solutions. She directs the Climate Justice and Community Security Program to protect our warming planet home, stop violence to women and gender expansive people, end exploitive and colonizing industrial animal agriculture, redistribute resources, and build resilient communities on the frontlines of climate changeJanet is a former whistleblower. She has led national nonprofit campaigns, including the historic fight against General Electric to clean up the Hudson River. Working at USEPA’s Superfund Program, Janet traveled to blockades and resistance camps and ultimately to Standing Rock. Janet continues to dedicate her life to all children, to her many species-teachers, and to future generations so they may have thriving lives on a healed planet.