1. Will there be vegan and vegetarian food options available at the conference?

All meals, snacks, and drinks at the conference will be vegan/plant-based.

2. What is the dress code?

We do not uphold a strict dress code for the conference, but most attendees choose to dress business to business casual.

3. Why is this year’s conference at a new venue and not at Lewis & Clark Law School?

The conference has consistently sold out early over the past several years. In order to allow everyone interested in attending the opportunity to do so, we felt it was important to provide a larger venue.

4. Will any of the conference be held at Lewis & Clark?

No, the entire conference will be held at the Hilton Portland Downtown.

5. Why is there an additional cost for the banquet dinner?

Along with the bigger venue and growing attendance comes elevated costs for not only the space rentals, but the food provided as well. We chose to make the banquet dinner an optional add-on item as we know that not all attendees will attend the evening events and this way, those who choose not to participate do not end up subsidizing the cost for others.

6. I didn’t purchase a ticket to the banquet dinner, but I would like to attend. How can I update my registration to include the banquet?

1. Visit the registration page at this link;
2. Click on the green, “tickets” button;
3. Click the blue text at the top of the pop-up window that reads: “enter promotional code”;
4. Enter the following code: Nom25ALC and then hit “apply code”;
5. Choose the “Banquet Attendee Ticket” ticket if you’re purchasing a ticket for someone already registered for the conference or “Banquet Guest Ticket” if you’re purchasing a ticket for someone not registered for the conference.

7. Can I bring a guest to the conference and/or to the banquet dinner?

All attendees must purchase a ticket to attend the conference. Visit the “Register” page for more information about pricing and registration categories.

If you would like to bring a guest to the banquet dinner only, you may purchase a ticket during online registration by selecting “Saturday Banquet Dinner” from the “Additional Items” section (under the survey questions), and choosing the “Banquet Guest Ticket” option. If you’ve already completed your registration but would like to add a guest banquet ticket, see the instructions in question #7, above.

8. Will CLE credits be offered?

The conference has been approved for 9.75 general credits and 1.0 ethics credits by the Oregon State Bar for attorneys attending the conference in-person. Those registered to live stream the conference will be eligible for 9.25 general credits and 1.0 ethics credits (the Friday evening keynote presentation will not be available via the live stream).

The conference has also been approved for 9.5 CLE credits in Washington State for both attorneys attending in-person as well as those watching via live stream, including: 1 hour of ethics credit (for the following session: Do-Goodery Animal Lawyering), 2.75 hours of Law and Legal Procedure credits (for the following sessions: Can Animals Be Victims of Crime?, Don’t Get Mad–Sue!!, Challenges and Opportunities for Animals under the New Administration and Current Congress) and 5.75 hours of Other credits (for the following sessions: Not Your Average Factory Farmed Animal Panel, Gender and Race Redux, Animal Sanctuaries, Animal Law Meets World and Swimming Upstream). The keynote presentations were not approved for CLEs by the Washington State Bar Association.

Anyone seeking credit in other states should submit approval paperwork to their local bar association CLE boards or retain the certificate of attendance which we will be providing to attorneys who register for the conference, if their state has a reciprocal agreement with either of these states.

9. Where do I find the written materials for CLE participants?

Materials submitted by the speakers are posted on the conference website’s “Resources” page. PowerPoint presentations will also be posted on this page after the event, pending approval by individual presenters. NB: we will not be providing print-outs of the written materials.

10. What is live streaming?

In order to reach animal advocates around the world who may not be able to attend the conference in person, we are offering a live streaming registration option. Those who register to live stream the conference will be provided a login and will watch the conference sessions from the comfort of their own home. Attorneys who live stream the conference will also be eligible to receive CLE credits in Oregon and Washington. Click here to register for the live streaming option.

11. Will video recordings of the sessions be available after the conference?

Yes, the recordings of the conference will be available a few weeks after the conference concludes.

12. I registered for the conference but am no longer able to attend. What is the refund policy?

Refunds were available until September 29, 2017.

13. Are companion animals or service animals allowed at the conference?

The Hilton Portland Downtown allows companion animals in the guestrooms and lobby area but unfortunately not in the meeting spaces or restaurants. Only ADA-approved service animals, therefore, are allowed at the conference. Please leave all other furry (or feathered, or scaly, etc.) companions at home or ensure you have proper animal care arranged during the conference sessions if you plan to travel with your companion animal.

14. Are there any group rates available at local hotels for conference attendees?

Yes, the Hilton Portland Downtown and the Residence Inn Portland Downtown/Riverplace are both offering Animal Law Conference attendees a special rate. More information can be found here.

15. Where should I park if I’m driving to the conference?

For parking options near the Hilton, check out the Hilton Parking list.

16. Is student housing available?

We are not able to provide housing for students, but the Hilton Portland Downtown and the Residence Inn Portland Downtown/Riverplace are both offering Animal Law Conference attendees a special rate. More information can be found here.

17. I am a law student and cannot afford to travel to the conference. What can I do?

The Animal Legal Defense Fund is offering a limited number of travel grants for SALDF chapters around the country. You can find the travel grant application here. You might also consider the live streaming registration option, if you are unable to travel to Portland for the conference.

18. How do I get from the airport to downtown Portland?

For information on ground transportation to and from the airport, as well as getting around Portland over the weekend, check out our suggestions here.

19. What veg-friendly restaurants would you recommend in Portland?

Luckily, Portland is a very veg-friendly city! Check out our curated Veg Dining Guide – ALC 2017 and also the Northwest Veg website to find a compiled list of vegan and veg-friendly restaurants in Portland.

20. How can I sponsor the Animal Law Conference?

Sponsorship information is available on our website at this this link.

21. What else can I do while I’m in Portland?

Portland is a diverse and bustling city with lots of fun things to do! A quick Google search will result in lists of activities in Portland, like this one from Travel Portland.