Ethan Davidsohn is a sous chef for Bon Appétit at Lewis & Clark College. Ethan and the other chefs at Bon Appétit make it a top priority to source produce locally and seasonally as much as possible. On any given day, upon entering the dining room on the main campus you can expect to see a bounty of fresh local produce sourced from as many as 20 different local farms and purveyors. Also in the Fields Dining Room is a 100% vegan/vegetarian station, which is open at both lunch and dinner. Although this station is not always vegan there is always a vegan option available as well as vegan options available at most of the other stations in the dining room.

In his spare time, Ethan likes to cook at home for his wife Emily, as well as their two dogs Dually and Ramona. He is also an avid home brewer who enjoys mixing beer styles to create unique and delicious combinations. Ethan has spent a lot of time over his more than 15 years of cooking, exploring ways to mimic classic dishes that contain animal products using few additives, chemical agents, or processed ingredients.