Houston SPCA Chief Cruelty Investigator, Charles Jantzen, has worked in animal welfare for 6 years.  He has attended the National Cruelty Investigators School, National Equine Cruelty Investigations School and FEMA’s Emergency Management Institute.  Charles leads a team of 8 highly dedicated professional individuals who investigate more than 12,000 cases of animal neglect and cruelty in an area that encompasses over 2,500 square miles of Southeast Texas. Throughout his career, Charles has helped provide relief to animals following natural disasters including the San Diego wildfires, the San Antonio floods, the Houston floods, in New Orleans after Hurricane Katrina and in East Texas following Hurricane Rita.  In his work at the Houston SPCA, Charles feels a great sense of satisfaction knowing that as soon as he becomes involved in a case, an animal’s life either improves or the animal is removed and taken for rehabilitation and re-homing.