Carla Boreham is Legislative Affairs Manager for the World Society for the Protection of Animals (WSPA), based at their international office in the UK. Through WSPA’s 17 offices and over 1,000 member societies around the world, Carla helps to develop and improve animal protection legislation in countries, either working reactively following government requests or proactively as a result of lobbying. Following the completion of a LLB law degree she went on to work in television production and broadcast journalism. After years of carrying out voluntary work for animal welfare organizations in her spare time, Carla decided to leave the media world and made the switch to work for an animal charity full-time. While working as an RSPCA Inspector in animal law enforcement she was able to see first hand the impact of cruelty to animals, the need for proper education of the public as to animals’ needs and the requirement for adequate legislation and enforcement. Knowing that in other countries no such legislative safeguards exist, Carla was pleased to be able to join WSPA and to be able to try to help animals around the world. She lives outside London with four cats, six chickens and frequent temporary animal lodgers.