Aaron Leider was the plaintiff in a lawsuit that lasted over seven years charging the city of Los Angeles and the LA Zoo with the premature deaths of their elephants and suing for the release of Billy the Elephant. 

He began his activism during “World Week for Laboratory Animals.”  Motivated by his desire to fight against vivisection, he has regularly appeared on television debating vivisectors, public agencies, educators and others.  

Today Aaron volunteers as Treasurer of both Stray Cat Alliance and Oswit Land Trust. In his work with Oswit Land Trust, Aaron helps to protect open spaces in and around Palm Springs, California and has placed over 5000 acres into permanent conservancy and out of the hands of developers.   

A real estate broker, Aaron also volunteers as a presiding officer overseeing arbitration and ethics hearings at the Board of Realtors. He is a Director for the California Association of Realtors and the National Association of Realtors serving on their environmental and land use committees.